Medical Weight Loss Options

There are many different procedures that have been or are currently in use to achieve weight loss.   We will just deal with the main four procedures as the others either have already been put to one side or are still seeking a place in the sun.  The first procedure, Intragastric Balloon is an endoscopic rather than surgical procedure.  The three surgical procedures are laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding which we will refer to as the Lap-Band, the sleeve gastrectomy, commonly referred to as the Sleeve and the gastric bypass which we will refer to as the Bypass. These four procedures are available at CBS.

The shared features of the three surgical procedures are more important than their differences. The most important features that they have in common are that they are all very effective in getting substantial weight loss, they are all effective in controlling the diseases that obesity causes and they all improve your quality of life. 

All can have outstanding successes and all can have failures. But, on average, they are all very effective.  They are all much better than any non-surgical weight loss method. They have achieved substantial weight loss and that weight loss is proving to be durable. 

medical weight loss options

Our most common procedures

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy is now the most popular procedure in Australia. Limiting the size of your stomach restricts the amount of food you are able to consume.

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Intragastric balloon

An intragastric balloon is a non-surgical weight-loss procedure which involves the insertion of a specialised balloon inside the stomach.

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Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is a surgical procedure that decreases the size of the stomach and makes it easier to lose weight. There are two versions of bypass used in Australia.

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Lap Band

Lap band surgery involves putting a ring around the top part of your stomach. The ring slows the entry of food to the main part of your stomach making you feel fuller.

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