Deciding to have weight loss surgery is a big decision.  The team at CBS will support you each step of the way prior to and long term post your.

Appointments are available both face to face and via telehealth.  Multiple clinic sites are available to you for appointments including:

  • Windsor – 42 The Avenue, Windsor
  • Sunshine – 429 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine
  • Preston – 279 Gilbert Rd, West Preston
  • Frankston – 24-28 Flinders Rd, Frankston

24hrs 7 days a week support is available.   Monday to Friday please call the main rooms at Glen Iris on 9805 1500, 8am to 5pm.  Outside these office hours, please call the Alfred Hospital Emergency department on 9076 2000.

In preparation for surgery, please allow 4 to 6 weeks. 

The table below summarizes the steps required PRE surgery

Please call the clinic on 9805 1500 to book your initial appointment with the specialist.  In preparation for your appointment you will receive an email to complete two tasks.

  1. Patient questionnaire:  Please complete this and email back prior to your initial specialist appointment (call the clinic if you need help to complete the questionnaire)
  2. Blood test referral form:  Pathology will  email your results to your specialist prior to your initial appointment

During your initial medical review, the specialist will discuss all surgical options and which surgery would be medically most suitable for you.  A provisional date will be provided to help your forward planning.  During your initial appointment, referral letters will be provided to organize additional medical appointments including:

  • sleep study
  • gastroscopy
  • Dietitian
  • Counselling review available

During this appointment, results from all requested medical assessments will be reviewed and discussed at length.  Any additional questions or concerns will be addressed.  Your weight loss surgery date will be confirmed.

Please use the timeline below as an overview to your follow up appointments,

POST your weight loss surgery. 

Ongoing support is crucial for your long term weight loss success.  At the Centre for Bariatric Solutions we pride ourselves on ensuring our follow up process is exemplary and tailored to your individual needs.  In addition to the scheduled review appointments highlighted below, you are welcome to contact the clinic as often as you require.

Review with the Surgeon and Dietitian
Review with the weight loss specialist
Review with the weight loss specialist
Review with the weight loss specialist and nutritional blood test review
Review with the surgeon and organize a medical tests of a gastroscopy and blood tests
Each year you will be monitored as a minimum of once a year to assess your nutrient profile and progress with the weight loss specialist.  A gastroscopy will be recommended every 2-3 years there after
Covid-19 Update

Face-to-Face Appointments are still going ahead and face masks are mandatory. We offer telehealth appointments. CBS is here to support you through this hard time. Please call  03 9805 1500.