Fee schedule

The figures quoted in the table below provide an estimated out of pocket costs, for weight loss surgery. 

This informtion will be tailored to your individual needs, post your initial specialist appointment.



Lap Band costs  $5,000
Sleeve Gastrectomy costs  $6,000
Gastric Bypass costs  $7,000



 Gastric Band surgery costs  $14,000
Gastric Sleeve surgery costs  $18,000
Gastric Bypass surgery costs  $19,000
Can I afford the costs of weight loss surgery?

This is one of the most important question. We now know that weight loss surgery works. We know most will lose a substantial amount of their excess weight and will keep it off for the future. This makes them healthier, happier and living longer. We cannot easily put a price on living 10 years longer or getting rid of diabetes or being able to take part fully in family activities or any or all of the numerous benefits of weight loss. Most will easily acknowledge that weight loss surgery is one of the best of all possible investments. But can you afford it? Please call the clinic on 9805 1500 to discuss further

Cost of Bariatric Surgery with private health insurance

Your Private Health Fund covers all the hospital fees. You should check beforehand that the relevant medicare item numbers for the procedures are covered by your health fund prior to surgery. You will need to pay the “out of pocket” fees for the surgeon/assistant surgeon and anaesthetist. These costs vary between surgeons but will cost approximately $5000. Please ask the Call Centre staff for details on 9805 1500

Cost of Bariatric Surgery with no private health insurance

You have two choices:
1. Take out Private Health Insurance and complete the 12 month waiting time.
2. You pay the hospital fees as well as the “out of pocket” fees. We have worked with The Avenue Private Hospital to reduce the hospital fees as much as possible. Your total costs would generally cost approximately $14,000 for Lap-Band or $19,000 for Sleeve Gastrectomy – You can contact the Call Centre for more detailed information.

Funding Options

We may be able to assist you in funding the total costs or the “out of pocket” costs if you wish. The options include assisting you in accessing funds from your superannuation or accessing credit in various ways. This could include redrawing on a home loan or accessing a medical credit group such as MacCredit.

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