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The Centre for Bariatric Solutions is more than just a weight loss clinic. We are a patient centred clinic where we support our patients through the weight loss journey and thereafter. The clinic takes a holistic approach towards weight loss. Meaning we have a multiple disciplinary team that works collaboratively to aid the patients to reach achievable and maintainable weight loss goals. Our multiple disciplinary team consisting of doctors, surgeons, dietitians, psychologists, allied health professionals and other specialists whom work together to provide tools for patients to achieve their weight loss goals and live a healthy full filling life.

At the centre we are aware that no individual is the same therefore we tailor our services according to the individuals needs.
Our team are here to help YOU! The first call is always hard but please contact the centre and one of our lovely reception staff will be happy to assist you.


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What is the chance of regaining weight after weight loss surgery?

Author: Mr Stewart Skinner Most medical interventions are able to achieve some initial weight loss, but an adequate degree of weight loss, and preventing weight regain, are the most difficult goals to achieve. Medical studies of intensive diet and exercise programs...

Which surgery gives the best weight loss?

By Dr Caroline Lloyd (Bariatric Physician) This is a great question and one which we are asked often. There are a few ways to answer the question and I will start with the factual, evidence based answer, which is that the bypass shows the ‘best’ weight loss in most of...

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Achieving long term weight loss with a dietician

By Dr Karina Stolyarsky As described earlier, our team incorporates knowledge of medical and allied health professionals in order to achieve a common goal – successful weight loss and good health. Dietitians play an integral role all through your path. Whether you are...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight will I lose?

Any weight loss is good. Even 5 kg of weight loss will make a difference to your health. But in reality if somebody has 50 kg of excess weight they really need to lose at least half of that excess weight to have a worthwhile result. So we’re talking about 20, 25, 30 kg as being a target area. If we can achieve that level of weight loss and if we can hold that level of weight loss over a long period we’ve achieved an enormous benefit. We have achieved something that we have never been able to achieve with all the diet programs, with all the commercial weight loss groups, everything else.

So we’re looking for substantial and durable weight loss.

How do I get started?

The first step is to phone our office (03) 9805 1500 and talk with Karen or Milica in our Call Centre. They are very keen to help you. You could also email them via our clinic address: frontdesk@bariatric.com.au They can provide you with some information over the phone but, more importantly, can make you an appointment with one of our weight loss physician’s or surgeons directly.

Is surgery right for me?

We use four criteria to determine if you should have weight loss surgery. First we check the BMI – you need to have a BMI above 30. Second, we check that you have problems related to your weight – health problems, physical and social limitations or concern about your future health and life expectancy. Next, we check that you have made significant efforts to lose weight by the usual non-surgical methods. Finally, we want to be sure you can work with us as partners to achieve the weight loss. The surgery helps but we cannot achieve the best outcomes without you doing your part.

What will happen in my first appointment?

This is a normal clinical consultation, not much different from a consultation for any medical problem. We take a history of the problem. Usually we have asked you to fill out a Patient Information profile beforehand which gives us much of the background detail that we need.

You will be asked to post this back to us well before your appointment and the details are added to our LapBase software program. We will usually have arranged for you to have a group of blood tests. We will review those during the consultation. Once this is complete, if you are clear that you wish to proceed and we are happy that we can help you then we discuss the procedure and generally will pick a date for it to be performed. Typically this would be 4-6 weeks ahead. There is a little bit of paperwork to complete and some organisational details but otherwise you are set to go. Usually, all of this is completed on your first visit.

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Covid-19 Update

Face-to-Face Appointments are still going ahead and face masks are mandatory. We offer telehealth appointments. CBS is here to support you through this hard time. Please call  03 9805 1500.